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Oh hiiii Catalina Island – the easy, “I’m busy” quick-fix to a paradise escape. If you’re a California resident and can’t get to the South France for a weekend, I recommend this little Channel Island. It’s the first island I visited as a kid, and coming back as adult was just as fun. We spent a short 48 hours in Catalina Island — enough to getaway and rejuvenate.  A quick ferry ride, Catalina Island is only 75 minutes from Los Angeles. The heart of Catalina is Avalon, California — a one-by-one mile radius of beach, sun and celebration. Check out my favorite things to do in Catalina Island, and follow all of my places on BUENA.

The Best Things to Do in Catalina Island

1. Parasailing

Is your biggest fear heights or a fear of drowning? You’ll be perfectly safe parasailing in Catalina Island — however, there is a sense of thrill and adventure. Have your own James Bond moment.

2. Kayaking

Are we in the South of France? Kayaking in Catalina was a great way to stay active and cool off with a view. We did the kayak tour to Moro Rock. If you’re really up for a challenge, you can sign up for a kayak & camping trip and see the entire island by kayak.

3. Look out points in Avalon

One of the best things to do in Catalina Island is to enjoy the view! You can do a quick 15 minute walk to get to this view point, or do a more aggressive 35 minute hike to the view point.

 Directions to the look out point:

Walk past the pier towards Island Spa ,to the right is a staircase.
Take the staircase — you’ll get a beautiful view, but that’s not it!
Continue left through the stairs passing homes. You’ll end up on Hill Street.
Walk through Hill Street until you hit a road. Turn right and allow it to weave left.
Walk up the road towards the Chimes Tower. Again, no the view point!
Continue past it, past another set with trees framing the view. You’ll finally hit flat ground that is clearly a viewpoint.
Grab some photos! Enjoy.

4. Island Resort & Spa

For total relaxation, sign up for a massage or facial at the Island Resort & Spa.

5. Go for a swim!

If you want to go to Catalina Island and do absolutely nothing, get your feet wet and enjoy the view, you can do that too.